Would you like to work with a coach who can you listen you objectively and give you a solid assessment, by not only using her academical background in psychology but also her top-line experience as an Human Resources Professional as well?

Are you ready to improve your daily personal and professional life, to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy this particular process?

How about discovering your potential, prioritizing your goals and also learning new skills while you are already reaching your objectives?

Would you like to increase the level of your confidence and self-awareness?

Do you need new challenges and sensations despite the fact that you are satisfied with your job?

Would you like to improve the quality of your decision making process as well as your quality of your relationships? Or to gain new insights?

To solve problems like dyspepsia or insomnia, to end your sugar cravings that you sometimes feel are out of control, to reach your ideal weight…?


Which one looks more familiar to you?

Maybe it is the time to finally be completely satisfied with yourself and with your body, to feel totally fantastic, and to reach a healthy body and mind forever and ever!

Would you like think together about what a healthy life really represents, while getting you completely ready to take your first step to create permanent, positive changes towards a healthy, meaningful life?

The needs that we have to fulfill comprises the food that we eat, our relationships (life partner, children, mother and father, friends,..), our job, our career, our purpose of life, our personal development as well as our physical activities. According to the Founder of Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), Rosenthal, who I also work in the same camp, the food that we eat are considered as secondary food while our other needs are considered as primary food. While it is very important for our happiness and health to choose the right food to eat, it is the primary food, our family structure, our social relationships, our career, our physical activities and spiritual side are what really nurtures us and make our life extraordinary. Thus, the balance between primary and secondary food are vital and instrumental for a healthy life. Most of the time, we try to compensate the dissatisfaction that we experience in our primary food with consuming excessive amount of secondary food. A happy coupling, the existence of close friends that we know they support us no matter what, a good balance between private and professional life, regular physical activities and our spiritual satisfaction makes us to consume secondary food in a more healthy and moderate way. While we feel ourselves more alive and energetic with the help of a healthy diet, this mood of happiness also increases our joy and our motivation to pursue our dreams.


If you are ready to make some changes or improvements in your life and ready to shape your values and your future and to learn how to reach your objectives, I have a special invitation for you..


Would you like to get the opportunity to have a free, initial, 45 minutes meeting with a coach who is ready to help you to make you feel much more satisfied?


So, how this first meeting will benefit you?


  • Will help you to set objectives to reach a healthy life and make you realise what you really dream for,

  • Will be able to define what you want to accomplish in the long term for yourself or your family,

  • You will be able to understand how to reach these objectives that you want to accomplish.


If we decide to continue to work together, you will have a reliable partner who will support you with the integrative wellness coaching program, you will kick-start a collaborative process in which the only objective is your success, you will learn how to create an everlasting impact regarding your goals and objectives.

The first step that you can take towards a healthier and more holistic life, is to get in contact with me and make an appointment…