What is Coaching?

Coaching is about change, about making changes.


Coaching is about increasing self–awareness, finding out where you are and looking for ways to move forward.


Coaching is a partnership in which the coach helps you to achieve your personal best and to produce the results you want in your personal and professional lives.


A coach helps you to explore the present and design the future. They take you from where you are to where you want to be by giving you more choice and more resources for your journey.


In the coaching relationship, the aim is to help you to discover what you can do for yourself, to provide development and improvement in your mental health, personal and professional life.


A coach engages the habits that are holding you back, supports you to eliminate these habits & obstacles and to change the direction of your life. What is the role of a coach in this process?


•  Shows you the track you are on

•  Points out the choices and helps you take a new road

•  Helps you persist in that change


Coaching helps you to articulate what you want, to dream good dreams, to give those dreams legs and to run with them.


In a coaching relationship, you set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use your potential and natural strengths.


Coaching allows you to identify yourself, learn how to best know yourself, learn how to make choices, gain new skills, but also to improve the quality of your relationships and learn how to manage your emotions.


Goals, values and beliefs provide the support for coaching:


  • Coaching focuses on what you want –your goal– and how to achieve it.

  • Coaching encourages you to know your values and live them in achieving your goals.

  • Coaching challenges limiting beliefs and reinforces positive ones by giving tasks that provide feedback.

The coach is not the expert, may not have detailed knowledge of your business and ask questions rather than gives answers.


The outcome of coaching is long–term sustainable excellence and the ability for you to move forward on your own –to be self–generative.