Integrative Wellness Coaching

As an Integrative Wellness Coach, I help my coachees to reach their objectives permanently by encouraging achievable, incremental changes regarding their nutrition and living habits. In this way, my coachees can manage this process in a way that they can easily adapt and enjoy.

During or in the end of the integrative wellness coaching process we aim to realize these goals:

• to increase your quality of life,


• to live a balanced life that is designed by you,


• to take control of your life in the best possible way, by changing your perspective about health management,

• to learn how to connect with your inner voice and wisdom and to discover what really nurtures and grows you (to determine the ideal food and the ideal life style as well),


• to increase your quality of relationships,


• to be able to make right decisions with the help of a clear vision and to be able to focus what you really want,


• to take rational actions by setting objectives that you are really passionate about,


• to develop your effective communication skills,


• turning sports into an integral part of your life by determining the ideal exercises for you,


• to reach a level in your life that you can find utmost happiness and prosperity and increase your spiritual satisfaction,


• to have sustainable level of energy in your life and enjoy the passion that you will experience,


• to adapt healthy nutrition practices for not only yourself but with your whole family.